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30 января 2015
Are you active and sociable person and able to work in a team? Do it! The biggest sports event of the year – the Almaty Marathon conducting competitive selection of volunteers.

9 января 2015
Wish Tree is a joint initiative of Komanda SOS Volunteers Coordination Centre, a volunteer division of Sh. Yessenov Science and Education Foundation, and Vox Populi, a photo reports website.There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. – Albert Einstein
15 августа 2014
The training manual not only describes main instruments of working with volunteers and technologies of organising of volunteer projects, but also gives practical recommendations on key directions of volunteerism (searching, engaging and motivation of volunteers, project development and organisation, project-management, establishing relations with mass media, running special events, etc.)

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Seimar Social Fund charity and Komanda SOS Volunteer Coordination Center call for fellowship awards in search of interesting initiatives for realization of social programs and projects aimed at development and enhancement of society living. 
Awards for best social project aregranted by the Fund within framework of partner fellowship programs. Competition shall encompass following areas: 
* Innovations and information technologies;
* Educational projects;
* Healthylifestyle;
* Demography.
Targets: Contribution to social initiatives development  as well as support of NGOs, academic and research centers , initiative а groups and other research and educational  organizations aimed at development of educational sphere, information technologies, healthy lifestyle and demographic issues.   
* To expand input by experts and professionals into implementation of social programs targeted at raising community living level.  Tograntanopportunitytomaterializeone’screative potential. 
* To attract society’s attention to matters related to development of information technologies, educational programs, projects on healthy lifestyle promotion and demographic issues.
* To raise involvement of society in social programs.

Eligible candidates: Both specialized organizations and individuals may apply for awards. 

Application review frequency: Once a month.

1. Duly filled-out applications
2. Project concept
3. Project budget
4. all materials must be submitted in electronic and paper format. 

For additional information please refer to:
AliyaSagingaliyeva–Fund program coordinator + 7 727 266 39 00, + 7 705 181 83 95
Grigoriy Li – Fund program coordinator   + 7 727 266 39 00, + 7 705 888 57 88
Translation into English has been performed by Ms. Taimagambetova Z.