30 2015
Are you active and sociable person and able to work in a team? Do it! The biggest sports event of the year the Almaty Marathon conducting competitive selection of volunteers.

9 2015
Wish Tree is a joint initiative of Komanda SOS Volunteers Coordination Centre, a volunteer division of Sh. Yessenov Science and Education Foundation, and Vox Populi, a photo reports website.There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein
15 2014
The training manual not only describes main instruments of working with volunteers and technologies of organising of volunteer projects, but also gives practical recommendations on key directions of volunteerism (searching, engaging and motivation of volunteers, project development and organisation, project-management, establishing relations with mass media, running special events, etc.)

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Volunteers of Komanda SOS help kazakh women-invalids

The coordination centre of volunteers Komanda SOS (the joint initiative the Charitable Seimar Social Fund and Programs of volunteers of the United Nations) starts new volunteer programs together with Association of women-invalids of "Shyrak". Volunteers of the Center will train women with limited possibilities in English and Kazakh languages, bases of computer programs Photoshop and Corel Draw, and also will take part in realization of the tourist project Find the way!

The association of women-invalids "Shyrak" exists more than 7 years. It unites about 250 women and girls with physical inability in Almaty and more than 20 initiative groups and organizations in regions of Kazakhstan and in the countries of the Central Asia. Organization mission is to protect the rights and advancement of womens with the limited possibilities interests, assistance to creation a society of equal possibilities. Among numerous projects of association: conference are Questions of education and employment of girls and women with limited possibilities, creative competition for young invalids Through creativity to integration! , the multistage program the account of women invalids interests in budgets of state social programs and many others.

The cooperation of Association of women-invalids "Shyrak" with the Coordination centre of volunteers Komanda SOS starts in the beginning of 2010.

- We were in Japan recently. In this country the work of volunteers is taken to very important place in a society life. The Japanese volunteers are very responsible, disciplined and it is pleasant to work with them. After that trip we wanted to work with the Kazakhstan volunteers, - tells Kassiet Omarova from department of development Association of women-invalids "Shyrak".

Volunteers of the Center will conduct lessons of English and Kazakh languages, and also teach graphic computer programs Photoshop and Corel Draw to women with limited possibilities. Besides, it is planned that volunteers will take part in creation and realisation of the large-scale tourist program Find the way! .

The programs purpose is to make tourist routes across Almaty and its vicinities which would be accessible to tourists with limited possibilities. In order to these people could look at the nature beauty, popular cultural and historical sights, admire works of art etc. For this purpose group of volunteers together with Association of women-invalids "Shyrak" estimate availability of various tourist places to people with physical inability, and also make special tourist routes.

There is a set of volunteers at present, to take part in creation of this project. The preference is given to people with profile tourist formation or an operational experience in tourism sphere, and also Kazakhstan people, which well know geography and Almaty city history and its vicinities.

Volunteers and everyone who would like to take part in programs of Association of women-invalids "Shyrak" and the Coordination centre of volunteers Komanda SOS feel free to contact us: +7 727 395 30 75 (Kassiet Omarova) or +7 727 266 39 00 Komanda SOS.