30 2015
Are you active and sociable person and able to work in a team? Do it! The biggest sports event of the year the Almaty Marathon conducting competitive selection of volunteers.

9 2015
Wish Tree is a joint initiative of Komanda SOS Volunteers Coordination Centre, a volunteer division of Sh. Yessenov Science and Education Foundation, and Vox Populi, a photo reports website.There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein
15 2014
The training manual not only describes main instruments of working with volunteers and technologies of organising of volunteer projects, but also gives practical recommendations on key directions of volunteerism (searching, engaging and motivation of volunteers, project development and organisation, project-management, establishing relations with mass media, running special events, etc.)

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Traditional charitable concert ART4PEACE Miracle rock-n-roll

The charitable concert, organized by the Coordinating Center volunteer Komanda SOS (created by the joint initiative of the charity Seimar Social Fund and the UN Volunteers Program) and the creative group Mirabilis, held in the incendiary rock 'n' roll style.

Immortal hits of Beatles and Elvis Presley, performed by Black and White band, popular songs in the original rock-processing from the group Toffees and the enchanting sounds of Korean drums from ensemble "Samulnori" sounded in the club Cinema bar, which is a partner of concerts ART4PEACE. The leader was a regular participant of charity concerts - Murat Muturganov.
Live music, drive, inherent in this rock-n-roll, warm atmosphere is very pleasant for the guests, who included prominent journalists, bankers, designers, musicians, volunteers Coordination Center Komanda SOS. They took an active part in the fate of Dilara, and their donations will be spent on treatment girl.

20-year-old Dilara Absalyamova struggling with a terrible disease - Ewing's sarcoma of the ilium for several years. Through the efforts of relatives, friends and just help people sympathetic Dilara gone through several courses of treatment in a clinic in Istanbul (Turkey). Chemotherapy is successful, the tumor growth stopped, she got a chance at life! At this time, Dilara goes further treatment in a clinic in the Moscow region and waits for operations, for which funds are collected the world. Gathered at a concert 226 300 tenge will be transferred in payment transactions.

Coordinating Center for Volunteers Komanda SOS thanks everyone who helped in organizing and conducting the concert: club Cinema Bar, the company Solti, Neolab's Web solutions, advertising agency Sapiens, information partners: "Centr tiazhesti" internet-conference, Internet Portals,,,,, magazines Glossum, Goodwill, ransit. As well as artists who were free to support Dilara Absalyamova: groups Black and White, Toffees, Korean drum ensemble "Samulnori" and the dance group "SOULnyshko" and Murat Muturganov.

For more information about concert and people, which are need help and also about other volunteering Funds programs, please, contact:

+ 7 (727) 266 39 00

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