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Are you active and sociable person and able to work in a team? Do it! The biggest sports event of the year the Almaty Marathon conducting competitive selection of volunteers.

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Wish Tree is a joint initiative of Komanda SOS Volunteers Coordination Centre, a volunteer division of Sh. Yessenov Science and Education Foundation, and Vox Populi, a photo reports website.There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein
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The training manual not only describes main instruments of working with volunteers and technologies of organising of volunteer projects, but also gives practical recommendations on key directions of volunteerism (searching, engaging and motivation of volunteers, project development and organisation, project-management, establishing relations with mass media, running special events, etc.)

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Rock-n-roll for saving life in Cinema bar

25 October 2009 at 19.00 in Cinema Bar club (Kazybek bi str., 20, House of Cinema) will be held next charity concert ART 4 PEACE. It will be in the style of rock 'n' roll, and all the money raised at the concert will be directed to treatment of Dilara Absalyamova (20 years), who requires urgent surgery for the treatment of Kaposi's sarcoma. Concert organized by the Coordinating Center volunteer Komanda SOS (created by the joint initiative of the charity Seimar Social Fund and the UN Volunteers Program) and the creative group Mirabilis.

Charity concerts ART 4 PEACE became a symbol of Almaty long ago. For 8 months that they are in the southern capital, assistance was provided to many children and adolescents suffering from serious illnesses. Some of them have successfully completed a course of treatment, others continue to struggle for a healthy life.

Another charity concert ART 4 PEACE will be held October 25, 2009 in the club Cinema bar, which has long been a reliable partner of the Coordination Center volunteer Komanda SOS. The main chip of charity concerts ART 4 PEACE is versatile orientation of concerts, each concert is held in a particular musical style. To date, saving Art4Reace music sounded in the style of hard rock, pop, jazz, r'n'b. At this time the main theme of the concert will be the good old rock 'n' roll.

The living rock and roll music for the guests of the concert will be performed in the most famous musical groups:
Black and White - the philosophy of musical sound of this ensemble is based on the idea of opposites of the two poles. That is, they generate the energy of light and darkness, depend on one another, creating constant movement, rising and falling like waves, but at the same time maintain harmony. In the team two soloists - Zhasulan - Black and Gulshat - White.
The Fridays - staff who are always ready to give a good portion of live R & B in the best traditions of the sixties;
The Toffees - in translation from English - "toffee" was formed in spring 2006. Today "toffee" performed "covers" the most famous compositions, giving them a special sound. For three years the group has acquired a unique sound, original style and unusual style of presenting the material, changing the presentation of Almaty residents live sound. Speech by The Toffees - it is always bright unforgettable concert, where you can hear the hits of various music styles
as well as the Korean drum ensemble "Samulnori", representing one of the musical trends of traditional Korean music. The sounds of the ancient drums recharge air indomitable energy and inexplicable hypnotic effect.

Host of the concert - Murat Muturganov of the trio "Muturganchiki" who always respond to a request for assistance.

All donations collected at the concert will be directed to pay for treatment Dilara Absalyamova, which is already several years struggling with a terrible disease - Ewing's sarcoma of the ilium. Through the efforts of relatives, friends and just help people sympathetic Dilara gone through several courses of treatment in a clinic in Istanbul (Turkey). Chemotherapy is successful, the tumor growth stopped, she got a chance at life! To have this chance to become a reality Dilara must pass an additional course of chemotherapy and radiology, and surgery. The cost of these procedures is 40 000 euros. To collect such a huge amount of their own relatives and friends Dilara not able to, so they turn for help to all of us.

This concert was supported: club Cinema Bar, creative team Mirabilis, SEC "Sputnik", Tourism Company Nomad Club, the company Neolabs, advertising agency Sapiens.

Information support was provided by: Internet portals,,,, conference Centr tiazhesti", Transit, Glossum, Goodwill magazines.

Charitable contributions can be made in cash of club Cinema bar, as well as by calling at (727) 266 39 00, + 7 705 888 57 88, + 7 705 18 18 395 + 7 705 600 44 42. Cost - 1500 tg.