30 2015
Are you active and sociable person and able to work in a team? Do it! The biggest sports event of the year the Almaty Marathon conducting competitive selection of volunteers.

9 2015
Wish Tree is a joint initiative of Komanda SOS Volunteers Coordination Centre, a volunteer division of Sh. Yessenov Science and Education Foundation, and Vox Populi, a photo reports website.There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein
15 2014
The training manual not only describes main instruments of working with volunteers and technologies of organising of volunteer projects, but also gives practical recommendations on key directions of volunteerism (searching, engaging and motivation of volunteers, project development and organisation, project-management, establishing relations with mass media, running special events, etc.)

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Komanda SOS created the second computer class

October, 9 2009 at 10.00 am will be a presentation of the Youth Center Youth power in the project Orleu and computer classes for children's homes, youth homes, children from poor families. Youth center set up crisis centers "Zabota" with the assistance of the international organization PSI. Computer lab at the Center openedby Coordinating Center volunteer Komanda SOS (created by the joint initiative of the Charitable Seimar Social Fund and the UN Volunteers Program) with the support of the company Air Astana.

Computer lab is based on the Youth Center Youth power is the second in a row, opened by the Coordination Center volunteer Komanda SOS. The first computer lab was opened in August 2009 in Turksib district together with the Union of veterans of the war in Afghanistan. At this time there successfully pass the computer literacy classes, which are the volunteers of the Center. Classes are held on Saturdays at 2 shifts - in 10.00 and 15.00. Their schoolchildren of all ages - from 10 to 16 years.
The new computer class came together with the Youth Center Youth power, the creator of which is the Crisis Center "Zabota" with international organizations in the PSI in Auezov district of Almaty.
Youth Center Project "Orleu on HIV prevention among vulnerable young people is information and education and is aimed at teenagers, brought up in orphanages, homes and youth from disadvantaged families. At the Center the youth can get free advice on issues related to HIV / STI prevention, drug prevention, increase their knowledge about reproductive health, improve their communication skills. The Center venerologists, a psychologist, as well as specialists PSI will work with youth.
In addition, adolescents who attend the center will be able to completely free to engage in the open when it sports clubs, dance lessons, learn English and Kazakh languages, just to communicate with each other. The most active and interested children can be trained to become volunteers to carry out such information and educational trainings for their peers, take part in various conferences, round tables.
Due to the Coordinating Center volunteer Komanda SOS and airline Air Astana teenagers also will have the opportunity to acquire computer skills, learn the various programs under the guidance of experienced IT-professionals - volunteers Komanda SOS.
The purpose of opening a computer class - to teach young people to freely access to a computer, use the basic programs, Microsoft Office, graphic editors, to master the Internet, get an idea about the occupation of IT-specialist.
This program is implemented through the cooperation of the Coordination Center volunteer Komanda SOS with the company Air Astana, which has donated equipment for mounting in a computer class in one of the most remote areas of Almaty.
Welcome to the presentation of the Youth Center Youth power and the computer class Komanda SOS, which will be held 09.10.09 at 10.00 to the address: Almaty, md. Mamyr-4, d. 307.
Location map is attached.

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